Upcoming INtransit volumes

hi! here’s some upcoming INtransit issues we are barnstorming:

codeCODE working title. could change. (first deadline October 13, 2007, final deadline January 20, 2008) release date spring 2008

DooDleDaDaData  – art as data, data as art
americana científico
-sam smiley

INtransit V.2 FAST WOMEN

INtransit: Volume 2
Women and Speed

Curated video and animation show looking for creative musings
related to women and speed. ATA*seeks to promote dialog about women and speed. If you are video-ing, animating, taping or filming about speedy women we want to hear from you. We want to remember – refresh – know about – celebrate – and catch up with fast women. Other approaches might include: consideration of the historical role of speed in women’s artistic production; gender constructs associated with speed and art; feminist responses to the impact of new technologies on the speed at which works of art are produced today; and a close examination of works by contemporary women artists that engage the idea of speed. For more info contact Bebe Beard at bebebeard@gmail.com. POSTMARK DEADLINE: June 15, 2007.