Uncompiled: A Night of Video Art

ATA’s INTRANSIT library archive

Saturday, 10-27-07, 8pm

Studio Soto

63 Melcher St.

Boston, MA

Vote for Ali

It’s down to 3 finalists in the Apartments.com “Possession Obsession” contest and our own Ali Horeanopolous needs your vote!
Check out her video entry and vote for her to win the grand prize of $20,000! Vote til October 19, winner announced on Oct. 29th.


Here’s a Q&A with Ali about the contest:

1) Why do you collect so much stuff? What compels you?

Mostly I collect because I don’t like to see things that are perfectly usable destined for a landfill. So I will grab anything I see that I think that I can give new life…
2 )What is your favorite find?

Wow! I didn’t know how amazing old wallpaper books are until I started collecting them. They’re beautiful and completely seductive! I really like my wallpaper, but my favorite one item would have to be the Eames chair that I’m sitting on right now. My boyfriend and I found this chair abandoned because the back was broken off. Someone actually tried to screw it back together! We’re experimenting with epoxies right now to try and find the one that will make the back stick on. It’s cool to have a piece of design history in our apartment.

3) If you could use one adjective to describe your apartment what would it be?

Overflowing… or maybe ‘anti-minimalist’

4) What would you do with the $20,000 grand prize money?

I plan to use that money as a small business non-loan to start my own company making things out of found junk. This includes refinishing furniture, as well as trying to minimize paper waste by using FOUND paper to make things that are mostly disposable, like: cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, etc. I really want to create awareness about the amount of waste that we produce, and try to encourage/inspire people to upcycle! Upcycling is reusing discarded items in a new, and maybe even better way. I also want to help revive the tradition of unique handmade objects that has been lost, rather than mass-produced objects. It’s so fun to have something that’s one of a kind, and to know that someone put time and energy into making it that way.

5) It’s down to the wire, why should we vote for you?

Vote for me! because I’m doing something creative and healthy for the environment. And especially because I’m young and ambitious, and have big plans for the prize money beyond just spending it on material things. Vote for me because it would make me oh-so-happy :)

Fast Women Screening October 13th

119 Gallery October 13, 2007, 8pm

fw_04.jpg ATA presents– FAST WOMEN

Fast Women: A curated video and animation show featuring creative musings
related to women and speed: acceleration on the ground and through
technology. This thirty-five minute program presents works by eleven women
who address speed in different manners: Bebe Beard, Tanya Bezrah, Eve
Gordon, Ellen Lake, Anne Marie Lansley, Kama Lord, Gina Kamentsky, Natalie
McKeever, Doris Schmidt, Sam Smiley. Image: Gina Kamentsky

Fast Women is volume 2 of INtransit, a bi-annual video art journal that is
a topical compilation of art, animation, documentary, and interviews.
Produced by the Astrodime Transit Authority, www.virtualberet.net/ata.

119 Gallery
119 Chelmsford St. Lowell, MA 01851
978.452.8138 www.119gallery.org