Please join AXIOM Gallery for the Astrodime Transit Authority DVD release and screening of their curated video and animation journal.

December 14th, 8pm

For info and directions go to

(they are right at the Green Street T station in Jamaica Plain, MA)

INtransit Volume Two: Fast Women (New Release!)
This 35 minute program presents works by and about women who address speed in different manners–physically and through technology: Tanya Bezrah, Maggie Orth, Margaret Dolinsky, Eve Gordon, Ellen Lake, Annmarie Lanesey, Kama Lord, Natalie McKeever and more.

INtransit Volume One: Will Pandas Ride Free on the Handlebars in 2092?
This 44 minute video looks at future and imagined transportation systems and includes work by: Anna Shapiro, Christian Frey, Sangho Shin, Muriel Magenta and Michael Udow, Jessica Irish and Jonathon Mc Dowell.