a cheery spring hello! and some news.

INtransit V.3: Secret Decoder Ring premieres Saturday May 3 at 8pm at the 119 Gallery in Lowell! it will also be screening at the Electronic Literature Organization in Vancouver Washington the first week in June. (Note: Vancouver is a suburb of Portland, Oregon, not the Canadian Vancouver!)

Carrie and sam are in the final stages of production for Secret Decoder Ring. Carrie is going to leave AstroDime in research assistant capacity for summer work as of the end of April but will come to our May screening. Thank you Carrie for all your great editing work. Carrie has also posted a lot to this blog with interviews of participating artists, and will continue to do so this month.

Upcoming INtransit brainstorms:

NOISE (Ali is organizing this)

SURVEILLANCE (John is organizing this)

and a few other ideas..one on Nanotechnology (we are writing a grant for it) and Scientific American. What is a Scientific American anyway? if you have work on any of these themes, feel free to let us know.

We’re going to be at the MIT Flea May 17 with the goods for sale. We are grateful for donations from George Fifield and Prilly Sanville. This funds our productions in part. If you know of anyone who has anything, except computer monitors, give a holla.

that’s some of the news anyway!

-sam smiley