Secret Decoder Ring August 8

July 27th, 2008 – Boston, MA – AXIOM presents its next summer special event, Electric Shadows: An Experimental Film Festival.

From submissions received through an open call for experimental film, Special Events Director, Julie Madden, and Associate, Autumn Ahn, co-juried a screening of a brief overview of local filmmakers working to push the medium. This festival showcases work ranging from shorts, narratives, documentaries, and feature length films by artists both established and emerging.

In collaboration with contributors to Boston-based online art review journal, Big Red and Shiny, Jeff Warmouth will be exhibiting his film from Boston’s 48 hour Film Festival. Given a theme and a few rules, filmmakers were challenged to submit a completed work in only two days.

The AstroDime Transit Authority will be screening the third of a series of collaborative montage films called INTRANSIT: Code. This film relies on rhythm and narration to guide its viewers through the piece.

Allison Rodriguez’s film work uses self portraiture as alter ego to further explore the human psyche’s conditions and how the internal dialogue translates through an individual.
Please contact AXIOM Director of Special Events Julie Madden at or
AXIOM Special Events Associate Autumn Ahn at for images, or more information.
Calendar Submission/At a Glance
What/// Electric Shadows: An Experimental Film Festival

When/// Friday, August 8th, 2008 at 8 pm

Where/// AXIOM Center for New and Experimental Media- 141 Green Street located in Green Street T Station

Information///For more information, please call 617-653-7774 or visit

AXIOM focuses on new and experimental media, with an interest in technology based,innovative
combinations of sculpture, installation and live performance. AXIOM has had a history of success in
bringing together members of the new media community as well as outreaching to the general public,
along with emerging and established artists working within the realm of new media.

Encouraging and Supporting Experimentation in the Arts through Exhibition, Education, Resources and Collaboration

INtransit#3 CODE Screens August 8, 2008

CODE will screen on Friday, August 8th at Axiom Gallery to kick off an exhibition about art and text. See for more info or check back here next week.

2008 Bumpkin Encampment on Labor Day Weekend

towards White Head Flat on Bumpkin

towards White Head Flat on Bumpkin

Astrodime Transit Authority cited as the entity holding patent and pledged to develop, conserve, and enjoin in the 2008 Bumpkin Encampment. ATA will be celebrating the 150th year of the first attempt to lay the Transatlantic Cable between Newfoundland and England effectively connecting America to its mother country. The celebration will include repair, reinstatment and expansion of TCCC service as well as an attempt to connect Bumpkin Island with Hull over White Head Flat at low tide.

Taking inspiration from the best of telecommunications history, ATA-TCCC wishes to perform an historical re-enactment of the failure of the first transatlantic cable connection. Following a conversation between President Buchanan and Queen Victoria on August 16, 1858, the first transatlantic cable lasted some four weeks before being fried by an overenthusiastic telecommunications operator. It was not until 1866, eight years later, that the cable was reconnected.

Attempting to connect Bumpkin to Hull via tin can phone will allow visitors to see telecommunication heroics or failure in action. Astrodime also expects that this will inspire artist-customers to persist in their diverse homesteading endeavors

This year at Bumpkin we will introduce a new Customer Service Package. An added feature would be that each new customer-artist would be entered in a phone directory.

The 2007 ATA-TCCC public phone at the dock was a popular success. As an improvement for 2008 we hope to offer visitors phone directories as well as the opportunity to communicate up and down the dock. We see this as a service our customer-artists could take advantage to network amongst each other as well as a way to direct the public to the homesteads.

AstroDime at 4s

What is 4s? It stands for “Society for the Social Studies of Science”. It is an organization that grew out of the field of Science Technology Studies. From Wikipedia, Science and technology studies (STS) is the study of how social, political, and cultural values affect scientific research and technological innovation, and how these in turn affect society, politics, and culture”. 

AstroDime Transit Authority is going to present its “cutting edge” research on tin can telecommunications at this year’s meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in August 2008. Below is the presentation description. We are honored to be included in this conference, which features some really amazing talks and international perspectives on science, technology and societies.

4S Online:

Tin Can Telecommunication: Performances and Interventions
Contact: sam smiley (

AstroDime Transit Authority is a Research and Media collective organized around ideas of transportation and communication. Throughout the course of this year, we have developed and implemented the AstroCan Tin Can Telecommunications system. Its first appearance was on Bumpkin Island, in Boston Massachusetts, and our charge was to connect several groups of people through utilizing tin can telephones.

From that preliminary research, we have been writing and creating media around metaphors of communications technologies and artifacts. What makes a communications system “work”? How do participants respond to the implementation of a small scale, low tech, short term, point-to-point telecommunications network? In making the workings of a telecommunication system visible, how is knowledge produced about it?

As artist-researchers, we publish in non-traditional and non verbal venues such as media festivals. However, we also publish a twice yearly video journal called INtransit which examines technocultures and practices. We have presented this journal at conferences such as the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. In this respect, our media and research interests cross over into STS.

With respect to our proposal for this conference we are interested in the re-embodiment of telecommunications systems in order to examine marketing systems and procedures. We use interventionist practices to make these systems transparent. Our methodologies include video interviews and documentation, surveys, performances, and research into the history of low-tech telecommunication systems. In our practice, we use the metaphors created through the marketing of “hi tech” communication systems such as cell phones, and overlay those metaphors on to a “low tech” communication system such as tin can telephones. In doing that, we hope to raise questions about the uses and misuses of communication systems in contemporary society. Hopefully we can have dialogue with other researchers in STS who share these concerns.

For our presentation, we would like to show video and still image documentation of our research to date. 

AstroDime Transit Authority Members: sam smiley, Bebe Beard, Mary Ann Kearns, Gina Kamentsky, Ali Horeanopoulis, Carrie Petkovich, and John Gayle.

Lumen Eclipse: One Minute Film Fest

Here’s a call for work from a cool organization!

Send us your best minutes, the minute you surprise yourself with – if your minute glimmers like a fish just under the surface of the water, we want to spear that bad boy.  Not to exceed sixty seconds, your films, will compete to be the first screened at this perennial event to take place in Harvard Square.  Selections will be screened outdoors under the stars, setting films free from dark theatres and computer screens.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED – AUGUST 15th, 2008                                                   * postmarked/uploaded by midnight

Saturday, September 27, 2008 | 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Newly Renovated Palmer Street, Harvard Square | Cambridge, MA

o    CECI MOSS – Editor, Rhizome at the New Museum
o    EMILY DOE – Associate Editor/Producer, Wholphin DVD
o    JUSTIN HARDER – Director, MTV, VH1, Coke, NIKE + more
o    RUTH LINGFORD – Professor of the Practice of Animation, Harvard University, Dept of Visual + Environmental Studies
o    DAN HIRSCH – Concert Program Manager, The Museum of Fine Arts + Non-Event, Co-curator
o    NED HINKLE – Creative Director, Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA
submission guidelines, event details, PRIZES + more
to learn more about Lumen Eclipse

Selections will be juried in early September
Please email questions to: