towards White Head Flat on Bumpkin

towards White Head Flat on Bumpkin

Astrodime Transit Authority cited as the entity holding patent and pledged to develop, conserve, and enjoin in the 2008 Bumpkin Encampment. ATA will be celebrating the 150th year of the first attempt to lay the Transatlantic Cable between Newfoundland and England effectively connecting America to its mother country. The celebration will include repair, reinstatment and expansion of TCCC service as well as an attempt to connect Bumpkin Island with Hull over White Head Flat at low tide.

Taking inspiration from the best of telecommunications history, ATA-TCCC wishes to perform an historical re-enactment of the failure of the first transatlantic cable connection. Following a conversation between President Buchanan and Queen Victoria on August 16, 1858, the first transatlantic cable lasted some four weeks before being fried by an overenthusiastic telecommunications operator. It was not until 1866, eight years later, that the cable was reconnected.

Attempting to connect Bumpkin to Hull via tin can phone will allow visitors to see telecommunication heroics or failure in action. Astrodime also expects that this will inspire artist-customers to persist in their diverse homesteading endeavors

This year at Bumpkin we will introduce a new Customer Service Package. An added feature would be that each new customer-artist would be entered in a phone directory.

The 2007 ATA-TCCC public phone at the dock was a popular success. As an improvement for 2008 we hope to offer visitors phone directories as well as the opportunity to communicate up and down the dock. We see this as a service our customer-artists could take advantage to network amongst each other as well as a way to direct the public to the homesteads.