Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st panel I went to,was called Future Science, Present Fiction.

went to some great panels today. nanotechnology is a
big topic ofdiscussion.
a recommended fiction book on it is by
Michael Cricton called Swarm. Marc
Audetat had some great resources, including
CIPAST, Citizen Participation in
Science and Techology.
and also a site for Nanotechnology
and society
Mark Erickson mentioned this very odd
game for introducing nanotechnology to kids called Nanomission.

 went to a panel called The Mouse in Biomedical Reseearch,
there is this huge mouse selling web
site called The Jackson Laboratory where they sell
Jax (TM) transgenic mice.
they supply 2.4 million mice to researchers a year. It's
a weird study of marketing and science.
Both Monika Cwiarka  and Gail
Davies referred to it.
also the Mouse Genome project was mentioned,
can't right now remember by whom.

after lunch i went to a panel called 
Locations, Latin America. basically
some amazing discussions of completly
different STS projects in different
parts of Latin America.
 Julia Rodriguez  has just finished a
database of latin
american's at
Great resource on Latin American science and good images.
lots of other intersting
things too..did you know that
scientific research on cassava and beans
 as food crops are much less studied in
science than corn or rice. This was in a presentation
by Christina Holmes.
Two more talks on Amniocentesis in Columbia
by Maria Fernanda Olarte Sierra, and the
history of a state supported truck
factory called FNM in Brazil presented by
Ivan da Costa Marques.

at the end of the panel, the chairs
invited us all to drinks later
on. i was delighted because I had
decided after this panel to really
begin work on one of our INtransit
issues called Scientific American
and was looking forward to good conversations.

after this panel, there was Dutch Treats
time which i missed
because i was talking to someone, and
then i went back to
the hostel because i was fried and
figured i wanted to be up later
the night. when i got there,
i had been evicted from my bed!
a girl was snoring in my bunk..
deciding that i could be a nomad
i moved down the hall where i met more STS conference folks.

I rented a bike and met the folks
from the Latin American panel
at Big Ben's a weird dutch pub which
supposedly is modeled
on an english pub, but
fortunately stuck to dutch food and drinks.
that was fun! then i went on my bike
to an art event at
V2: The Institute for Unstable Media.
The event was called Hydrous,
and more work from the artists
can be found at

-sam smiley