AstroDime at Rock and Roll Yard Sale

Mary Ann, Sam, and Gina went to the Rock and Roll Yard Sale in Union Square, Somerville on Sept. 6. It mostly had mostly vinyl, but a few people bought DVD’s. It was really fun and the evening ended with a screening in which an awesome music group called Devil Music Ensemble created a live soundtrack performance to “Red Heroine”, a silent martial arts film from China 1929.

Selling AstroDime videos and T-Gina comix

Selling AstroDime videos and T-Gina comix

Bumpkin Island Telecom reenactment a success!

The Bumpkin Island attempt to connect Hull and Bumpkin via tin can telephones to commemorate the Transatlantic cable of 1858 was a success! Ali started us off by camping on Thursday, August 28 and the rest of the group joined throughout the weekend. We actually did it twice, once on Friday Night and once on Saturday. Technically, the Friday nite one worked better in terms of sending the message, but the Saturday one had the better light for videotaping in. The Boston Globe did a big ol’ writeup, and the Weekly Dig gave us good pre publicity on their calender. Here’s some photos to give you a feeling for the proceedings:

a few toward Bumpkin Island

a view toward Bumpkin Island from Hull

Queen Victoria with her message

Queen Victoria with her teleprompter.

President Buchanan waiting for the message

President Buchanan waiting for the message

the two can method (not as easy)

the two can one person method

waiting for a message

the two can two person method

winding up for the day.