Glitch and Secret Decoder Ring Nov 23!

On Saturday November 22 at 8pm, AstroDime Transit Authority will be screening INtransit V.4 “What the [ glitch ] ?!” and INtransit V.3 “Secret Decoder Ring” in the lobby of Brickbottom Artist building. The screening will be free and open to the public. You will also have a chance to see and use the new iCAN and give customer feedback.

The location is in Somerville, Massachusetts. The best way to get here from the T is the Lechmere Green Line stop, walk up McGrath Highway to the right, and then after you go over the bridge, (you will see Brickbottom to your right) there will be some stairs. They will take you to the building. There is also parking available. Here’s more directions, and check out the open studios Nov 22-23 as well!

Brickbottom Artists Association


Memorial Sidewalk

I can’t resist this..i was traveling near Spartanburg, South Carolina for my teaching work and I saw this sign.

Hubert E. Jones memorial sidewalk

Hubert E. Jones memorial sidewalk

Tin Can Telecommunications at NubLabs

Nublabs is do you explain it? an art, science, education and pranks collective that hosts twice monthly talks at various venues around Boston.

Their web site is and their blog is at

AstroDime will be presenting on Tin Can Telecommunications, followed by a talk by nublabbers on Prank Science. Check it out!

Time: 7-10pm
Date: Sunday 11.9.08
Location: Tapeo on Newbury Street

And Now for a Political Endorsement..