Ben Aron in recent performance "Where does it go?"

One of the featured artists of INtransit V.6: “scientific american” is video artist Ben Aron. Here is an interview exploring the ideas behind his work.

1.   What inspired you to create the piece “The Science of Business”?

My fascination with the capitalist basis of science and medicine in American culture inspired me to create this piece. It interesting, and backwards for me to see these systems fueled by the action/reaction of capital as opposed to the search for quality or advancement.

2. How does this piece relate to your past and future artistic ideas?

This piece is related to my larger body of work in that it uses a simple juxtaposition to hopefully bring up a larger relationship.

3. What connections have you made between the concept of “scientific American” and your piece “The Science of Business”?

I thought about what it means to make the distinction of “American” science, and how that is different from the larger practice of science itself. Also, how we treat science as a business, and business as a science.

4. Who would you consider to be a “scientific American”? Why?

Steve Jobs, because he is one of the most public embodiments of the American connection of science and industry.