Usually I don’t go off topic and rant like this, but rant I shall, if you don’t mind granting me my soapbox.

I have (had) a facebook account that had an odd name.  Actually it was “Basta ya”. This was because originally it was going to be for my band, but time went by and it turned into a family account.

I went to it one day and saw the following:

Of course, people always wonder why you might get banned..

? could it be…i never declared my gender. For a while on facebook you could get away with not doing that.  Now you have to..your choice is male or female.

? could it be..I just recently put a picture of the top of my head as my icon. As you can see, this is not my face.

Well obviously i had concerns and questions so I pushed the next button and came to this:

Well..sounds good on the surface. But most names can’t be proven to be “real”. People register with fake names all the time. I know Basta Ya isn’t a “real” name but either are many facebook identities. (It’s a creative process of roleplaying called making your AVATAR)

So I went to the next link to get my account back and make up another name.

I clicked on the above link and this is what i got..

All this brings up a lot of questions. Of course I am under NO illusions that Facebook represents in any way a democracy. I signed a terms of service, Facebook is a corporation..but the rub is..Facebook has the rights of “personhood”

Citizens United v Federal Election Commission (2010). In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court overrules Austin and a century of federal legislative precedent to proclaim broad electioneering rights for corporations.

So here’s the new version of social networking. People can get “disappeared” by a so called “bot” with an eye for …some algorhythm of transgression beknowst only to facebook. what is that algorythm anyway?

. so where do we live now with our new “cloud computing” and “social networking” ? are we living a corporate bureacracy? a kafka-esque situation in which which nothing is changed unless it goes “viral”?

Being the persistant person i am, i made a brand new facebook page. so “like” it please! it’s called Faceless Book.

thanks for hanging out at my soapbox

-sam smiley, Think Tank Operator, AstroDime Transit Authority