AstroDime Transit Authority will be taking part in MIT7: Unstable Platforms: the Promise and Peril of Transition. This is taking place May 13-15, 2011.

here’s the agenda for the Media in Transition conference:

AstroDIme will be doing some interventions and a presentation. Based on the data we have collected this spring for our iCAN, suggestions for apps and updates, we will present our data and our next prototype for the iCAN

We will be collecting more data at the Saturday reception in the TING foyer at MIT
from 7-9pm. There, we will circulate with iCANs and tin can phones and take surveys on the future of the iCAN.

Our presentation of data will be on 10:45AM sunday. in room E51-335.
Here’s the full session:

Music of the Spheres
Ananya Ghoshal, Cybernetics, the Music of John Cage and New Media
Boris Goesl, Modern Projection Planetariums as Media of Iterative Reinvention
sam smiley, The Future is Now: smartCANS in the 21st Century

moderator: Paul van den Hoven

Hope to see you there!