Based on a user survey on the iCAN, here are the preliminary results. This survey was conducted at the MIT7 conference on Saturday May 14, 2011. This is Question 1.

QUESTION 1: If you had an iCAN (TM), how often would you use it and what would you use it for?

Only as often as necessary

I’d use it to sing to myself and test my own reaction to my lectures. I’d use it several times a day. (5 to 10 times)

At least once a day for meditating on difficult problems.

Secret meetings with myself.

During lent for confession.

I do wish I had a pipe-based trans-home communication system.
Control of personal soundscape

Often, for whispering sweet nothings at my neighbors who shout back and forth at each other across the street. (Quiet by example)

I don’t think I would use it.

Once in a while, not very often.

Looks like it has multiple uses -a quick plumbing solution -2nd communications, after all has a lot in common with plumbing.

Very frequently

Frequently unknown confidential conversation.

Testing quality, timbre or my own voice.

I mean, I can’t imagine a time during the day when I wouldn’t be using the

I’ll use it always as a necklace, and would be able to communicate all the time.

Once a week at parties.

All the time for everything.