Based on a user survey on the iCAN, here are the preliminary results. This survey was conducted at the MIT7 conference on Saturday May 14, 2011. This is Question 2.

QUESTION 2: What would be your preferred network for use of the iCAN (TM)?
I could build my own network.

Network for anything.

At lunch time when I could also use as A can.

My voice 4g.

Would mostly use it myself.

The network of one. (I love the battery life.)

Listening to my own voice. Museums.


Not AT&T, calls would be dropped. True story. AT&T told me my Internet was out because birds and squirrels chew wires for the electrical shocks to stay warm.

The social.

The Nashville network.

Spy network.


Around campus to have students record their feelings in real time about what they do and see around campus.