Based on a user survey on the iCAN, here are the preliminary results. This survey was conducted at the MIT7 conference on Saturday May 14, 2011. This is Question 3.

QUESTION 3: What accessories do you suggest would be useful for the iCAN (TM)?. What are your favorite colors?

Little boxes. Rose, blue, violet.

Blue accessories. Blue

I like black and blue colors. A recording device to record talks and thoughts for later replay.

The Ican open source CanOpener. Software hacking package.

Purple. It could have a pinhole camera.

A lanyard hook for mobile accessories. My favorite color is blue (tooth)

Metallic. More iPhone like.

A larger can or (can shaped bucket) to carry it in. a can cozy (quilted rooster shaped) A perpetual motion machine. A mobile made out of other cans that a group of people could stand under and talk into.


Blue. Clock timer.

Definitely white. (Smudges might also be a nice touch.)

Belt clip.

I would like to have some amplification capabilities. Any fashion enhancement would be good. Bright colors.

Green maybe the color of preference nowadays.

Soft grip-pod lining around the PVC piping.

Favorite color: red. But why not a device that change the color according to your humor?

Neon green. Ican covers in all colors.

Transparent and yellow.