La Jam del Sur

AstroDime correspondant sam smiley just came back from a trip to Buenos Aires..and in the process was lucky to be invited to a grafiti party and jam in an area neighborhood. All and all, she shot an hour of video. The final version will be on vimeo, and will also be included in INtransit V.7: Ecology/Ecología, as part of “ecología de callejero” or street ecologies.
Here’s an interview with Ariel (Scratch) one of the organizers. He is a DJ, and his cousin, Nelson (Next Graf) is a grafiti artist. Included are photos of the final works.

Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

There’s a lot to report from this spring, but one thing that happened is that AstroDime had a chance to interview biologist Oscar Aranda, in Puerto Vallarta for the upcoming journal INtransit V.7: Ecology/Ecología. This journal will also be bilingual English/Spanish and should be completed by the end of this summer.

Oscar Aranda is the founding member of the Sociedad Ecología de Occidente. He is a biologist, and his work currently revolves around saving sea turtle eggs from the busy tourist beach of Puerto Vallarta.  His partner Mar Zuloaga Lopéz is the marketing director. The following is a video taking in the spring of 2011. For more info, or to donate or ask questions, go to