AstroDime is doing some work with ideas around Invasive Species in Provincetown, and we will have an exhibit at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies in June 0f 2013. Part of the work that I (sam smiley) am doing is identifying aquatic invasive species in Provincetown.

The Aquatic Invasive Species group (based in Massachusetts) has provided ID cards for Aquatic Invasive Species.

Here’s a link to the main site:

and to the ID cards:

I decided to share an ID card and also my underwater version of the Invader! It is also known as Codium fragile, Dead Man’s Fingers,  green fleece, green sea fingers, oyster thief, and Sputnik weed.

Dead Man's Fingers

Here’s my version, which I would like to call “Space Invaders”

asteroids from AstroDime Transit on Vimeo.