New Project: Artists Helping Artists

119 Gallery and AstroDime Transit Authority are now initiating a new campaign. We call it AHA! (Artists Helping Artists). We are modeling it on a wonderful campaign for musicians called Sweet Relief.

We believe that artists in the United States contribute a lot to their communities. Of course they contribute to culture, but in addition, many are teachers, mentors, and community activists. They often volunteer their time in order to make their community better through their work, teaching, and activism. To that end, we are initiating occasional pop-up fundraisers to help artists who have been affected by age, sickness, and financial crisis, so that they can get back on their feet and continue their work and contribution to their communities..

Here’s our first campaign:

and our working logo. We hope you will consider our causes. They will make a lot of difference.



A Higher Road to Higher Ed

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the JFK Library & Museum in Dorchester, Massachusetts, AstroDime Data collectors took part in an action as part of Adjunct Action/SEIU’s conference for adjunct faculty from around the United States. The conference was called “A Higher Road for Higher Ed: Expanding the Movement in America’s College Town” and the agenda and web site can be found here:

It was a very moving symposium. Faculty member after faculty member talked about their experiences in teaching for many years, and their work not being appreciated or honored by their institutions. What was most interesting was that this symposium was doing the work of honoring these faculty..the work that Universities and Colleges should be doing.

AstroDime Transit Authority made an appearance with our data collecting team. We asked faculty to “doodle” during the conference, and we collected the doodles during the length of the conference. There are many more wonderful doodles but here is some documentation of our action, which we called DoodleDadaData. The Dada is in reference to the Dada movement..and AstroDime was honoring the feminist principle of “invisible work”. So we were in fact doing a sort of Feminist Dada art project.

Here are some images below. More to come!

This one is outstanding!

This one is outstanding!

A really cool idea about doodles

What are thoughts? Doodles are thoughts. Things are thoughts. This is by….

Help support our adjuncts!

Help support our adjuncts!

Data being processed.

DadaData being processed.


One of our data gathering specialists.