The AstroDime Transit Authority is a Think-Tank and public service organization that considers issues of transportation, communication and world and intergalactic citizenship. We are specifically interested in issues of race, class, gender and culture with respect to how our human transportation and communication systems are constructed. In addition, we consult and advise in sustainable communication and transportation systems off and on this planet. Our research includes curated video shows, surveys and performances which reveal and explore these issues. We invite guest artists and contributors to participate in our curatorial and creative projects and can be reached at

For more information email rocketscience (at)
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Mail any correspondance to:
AstroDime Transit Authority c/o 119 Gallery
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Researchers and think tank operators are:
sam smiley, Bebe Beard, Mary Ann Kearns, Ali Horeanopoulis, Amanda Gill, Julia Tenney, Gina Kamentsky, Vivian Poey, and Lena Schniewind