A Higher Road to Higher Ed

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the JFK Library & Museum in Dorchester, Massachusetts, AstroDime Data collectors took part in an action as part of Adjunct Action/SEIU’s conference for adjunct faculty from around the United States. The conference was called “A Higher Road for Higher Ed: Expanding the Movement in America’s College Town” and the agenda and web site can be found here:


It was a very moving symposium. Faculty member after faculty member talked about their experiences in teaching for many years, and their work not being appreciated or honored by their institutions. What was most interesting was that this symposium was doing the work of honoring these faculty..the work that Universities and Colleges should be doing.

AstroDime Transit Authority made an appearance with our data collecting team. We asked faculty to “doodle” during the conference, and we collected the doodles during the length of the conference. There are many more wonderful doodles but here is some documentation of our action, which we called DoodleDadaData. The Dada is in reference to the Dada movement..and AstroDime was honoring the feminist principle of “invisible work”. So we were in fact doing a sort of Feminist Dada art project.

Here are some images below. More to come!

This one is outstanding!

This one is outstanding!

A really cool idea about doodles

What are thoughts? Doodles are thoughts. Things are thoughts. This is by….

Help support our adjuncts!

Help support our adjuncts!

Data being processed.

DadaData being processed.


One of our data gathering specialists.

iCAN development in Mexico, Parte Dos

Here are the inventions of the various “startup groups” who are working on iCAN apps and accessories in Mexico City. AstroDime members are carefully considering these proposals, and we will post the winning proposals on our research page. At the bottom of the page is our “request for proposals”

“No Name Inc.”

Don’t know who is in this group.

1) sticker for any map of a subway in the world (app)
2) app with pen and post-it (app)
3) A little bell attached to the iCAN to show you the new calls (app)
4) Interchangable cans with different colors and designs (accessory)
Another group with no name
(Don’t know who is in this group)
1) ReciclArte (con Lupa, GPS, Agenda, y T.P.)
“Sobreviviendo con tu iCAN”
[Ilana what does that mean?]
Another group with no name:

1) iCAN study (APP)
-repeat ALOUD an interesting sentence of your homework
-repeat what you listen
-repeat what you listen
-repeat what you listen

2) iSOLO:
-Just hum your favorite song
-make sure your voice is sweet
-if your ear hurts, you are making it bad. If you just fall in love with yourself, record your song and be famous.
“Wissard Company”
(don’t know who is in it)
tells your fortune
“Gato Ruso”
Tania X. Enriquez Jiménez
Norma Briseño Urbina
Paola E. Nieto Paredes
Eugenia B. Sánchez N. Rubalcaba

1)iStalk (you can spy on your friends)
2) iCanMusic (amplify your music through your iCAN!)
3) iBolsa (make your iCAN portable with all of your apps. (Accessory)

“Can Trap Software Development: Making everyday life more practical”
Andrea Nuñez
Valeria Vasquez
Ana Mirales
1) App Retro Calculator: it is an abacus you can incorporate into your iCAN
2) App Radio Can: you can listen to all your favorite music, FM radio, etc. just turn one end of the iCAN and approach it to the speaker
3) App Earthquake alert: if you need to be protected from natural disasters. This app can help you detect earthquakes on time. You just fill your iCAN with water and if you see the surface shaking you know you have to protect yourself.
(Don’t know who is in this group)
1) Two people can speak together with their iCANs right next to each other. So that these two people seem like they talk to each other but they talk alone. The objective is to demonstrate that people don’t listen to each other, only to themselves. [Note: We suggested a magnet so that both iCANS would stick together)

2) iFondo
“Soul of the Party”. People can drink a “fondo” of beer in one can.

3) iSleep or iDuermo
If you want to sleep on the Metro, with iCAN you can. You stretch it out, put one end on your knees, and rest your chin on the other side, and then you can fall into a deep dream.

“iKit Store”
Daniella Castro R.
Laura Castellanos

Note: this is primarily accessories

-iChain: keep your iCAN wherever you go
-iMirror: if you always want to look pretty buy this accessory (note, i think it is software -sam)
-iSpeaker: Say aloud your thoughts
-iWatch: straps on to the iCAN. For being on time.
-iDrinking Barrel: use it as a straw!
-iSpy: get noticed of the recent gossip
-iHelium: use helium balloons and listen to your amazing words and then listen to your mouse voice
-iCaps: transform your iCAN into a thermos of your favorite beverage

“Loser Corp”
Introducing the iSmoke. Weed and smoke on one side, infinite happiness on the other.

HERE IS ASTRODIME’S ORIGINAL RFP (request for proposals)

iCAN development in Mexico

In April, AstroDime Think Tank Operator sam smiley went to a class at Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, in Mexico City. The class is called Problemas contemporáneos y nuevas tecnologías en el arte, or “Contemporary problems and new technologies in art” and it is taught by professor Ilana Boltnivik.

La Profesora

First, sam introduced AstroDime’s “Party Line” to the class.

Ligna de la Fiesta

Then sam showed some astrodime videos and students divided into “Startup Company” groups to propose new apps and accessories for the iCAN. Inventions are in the next post.

CanTrap software Development, Inc.

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

iKit Store (with another missing person)

Loser, Corp.

AstroDime at Helltown

On August 8, 2011, AstroDime screened our latest draft of INtransit V.7: Ecology y Callejero at Helltown Workshop in Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA. It was very exciting, we got some great feedback, and now it just needs to be tightened up and subtitled in Spanish. We will do one more preview screening at Brickbottom and then go to print. We are always looking for donations for the cost of printing, you can donate from this website or email sam smiley at rocketscience(at) astrodime.org.

work by Joey Mars in the background

Ecology y callejero screenings this summer

Just a quick update..AstroDime Transit Authority has been lucky enough to preview two screenings of our fall release, INtransit V.7: Ecology y callejero

119 gallery screening

The first one was at 119 gallery in conjunction with its show titled “Ecology”. We showed work by Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza, and a collaboration that animator Karen Aqua and musician Ken Fields made with the Sidney Gutierrez Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico. This also featured an interview with biologist David Morimoto on urban ecologies.

Ecology show opening

The second screening will be at the Helltown Workshop in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and in addition to including the above works, it will include an edit of “La Jam del Sur”, a graffiti party in Buenos Aires, and a video on the incoming tides in Hatches’ Harbor in Provincetown. It will be on Tuesday August 9 at 8:00 PM, in conjunction with the work of Joey Mars.

Here’s a link for more info!

Ecology y Callejero preview

hi folks..

AstroDime is proud to say that we will be presenting a 20 minute preview of Intransit V.7: Ecology y Callejero.

Check at the 119 Gallery web site for more info!


Here’s our preview of the preview. Come take a look!

MIT7 iCAN user survey: Question 1

Based on a user survey on the iCAN, here are the preliminary results. This survey was conducted at the MIT7 conference on Saturday May 14, 2011. This is Question 1.

QUESTION 1: If you had an iCAN (TM), how often would you use it and what would you use it for?

Only as often as necessary

I’d use it to sing to myself and test my own reaction to my lectures. I’d use it several times a day. (5 to 10 times)

At least once a day for meditating on difficult problems.

Secret meetings with myself.

During lent for confession.

I do wish I had a pipe-based trans-home communication system.
Control of personal soundscape

Often, for whispering sweet nothings at my neighbors who shout back and forth at each other across the street. (Quiet by example)

I don’t think I would use it.

Once in a while, not very often.

Looks like it has multiple uses -a quick plumbing solution -2nd communications, after all has a lot in common with plumbing.

Very frequently

Frequently unknown confidential conversation.

Testing quality, timbre or my own voice.

I mean, I can’t imagine a time during the day when I wouldn’t be using the

I’ll use it always as a necklace, and would be able to communicate all the time.

Once a week at parties.

All the time for everything.

MIT7 iCAN user survey: Question 2

Based on a user survey on the iCAN, here are the preliminary results. This survey was conducted at the MIT7 conference on Saturday May 14, 2011. This is Question 2.

QUESTION 2: What would be your preferred network for use of the iCAN (TM)?
I could build my own network.

Network for anything.

At lunch time when I could also use as A can.

My voice 4g.

Would mostly use it myself.

The network of one. (I love the battery life.)

Listening to my own voice. Museums.


Not AT&T, calls would be dropped. True story. AT&T told me my Internet was out because birds and squirrels chew wires for the electrical shocks to stay warm.

The social.

The Nashville network.

Spy network.


Around campus to have students record their feelings in real time about what they do and see around campus.


MIT7 iCAN user survey: Question 4

Based on a user survey on the iCAN, here are the preliminary results. This survey was conducted at the MIT7 conference on Saturday May 14, 2011. This is Question 4.

QUESTION 4: Can you suggest any apps you would like to see developed for the iCAN (TM)?


Fax. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to sands print transmission through our phone lines.

I think I already answered.

Can I? I can! Neoprene sleeves please.

IPhone holder.

Not really. I think you tapped the main possibilities.

/recording device.


Rustproofing app. Re-canning app for packaging and transmitting preserves.

No apps! Resist application. Or apps that track my period menstrual cycle.

Net hack.

Angry birds.


An amplifier to make the sounds louder and a stress meter to measure the stress in the voice of the speaker.

AstroDime at MIT7

AstroDime Transit Authority will be taking part in MIT7: Unstable Platforms: the Promise and Peril of Transition. This is taking place May 13-15, 2011.

here’s the agenda for the Media in Transition conference:


AstroDIme will be doing some interventions and a presentation. Based on the data we have collected this spring for our iCAN, suggestions for apps and updates, we will present our data and our next prototype for the iCAN

We will be collecting more data at the Saturday reception in the TING foyer at MIT
from 7-9pm. There, we will circulate with iCANs and tin can phones and take surveys on the future of the iCAN.


Our presentation of data will be on 10:45AM sunday. in room E51-335.
Here’s the full session:

Music of the Spheres
Ananya Ghoshal, Cybernetics, the Music of John Cage and New Media
Boris Goesl, Modern Projection Planetariums as Media of Iterative Reinvention
sam smiley, The Future is Now: smartCANS in the 21st Century

moderator: Paul van den Hoven

Hope to see you there!