anyway I just wanted to say something about this really ridiculous human version of the world world we have constructed and how I deal with it.

one of my favorite video artists, Nam Jun Paik said
“I want to make technology look ridiculous”
oh, he by the way loved technology.

here’s some info about him.

His name is actually Paik Nam Jun, but in true Western form it got scrambled on the way to the United States.

so to be literal about things (in true dissertation fashion), I conclude-ish that irreverence is key in toppling dictators and fear. BEcause I think personally that dictators are really good about organizing other people’s fear, and the use of television in addition has also been key to organizing fear in this human and electronic section of the world we live in.

oh BTW Charlie Chaplin the Great Dictator…I totally have to re-see this film! and double feature with Sasha Baron Cohen’s Dictator.

-sam smiley