Hungry Hungry HIPPOs

If you are in my generation (this is sam writing) might remember this game:

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Well, although the above is technically off topic, ASTRODIME’s current research is on invasive species, weeds, and climate change. In the spirit of that, we will share a picture of a hippopotums eating water hyacinth.

The above link is from Scott Macaskill, a photographer and blogger who posts images of wildlife in Africa. Check his facebook page out for more info:

One thing about water hyacinth:

It is considered one of the world’s most invasive plants, according to the Global Invasive Species Database. (Provenance of that web site still unclear, but it does have handy info)

It is the topic of my dissertation, water hyacinth. (Me being sam smiley)  In the next few years, one of the long research arms of AstroDime may extend into this inquiry..

In general, AstroDime is currently concerned with our usual topics of communication and transportation, but we are also researching climate change in the Anthropocene era. Yes the era in which human activities CHANGE global climate conditions. Yikes.

In closing, I would highly like to recommend this book which made me both laugh and cry at the same time at human attempts to regulate water ecologies in the early 1900’s. LIFE, I say, is ALWAYS stranger than fiction.

-sam smiley


Weed Science Society of America

Astrodime Transit Authority is working on a video about weeds.

In February 2011, AstroDime Transit Authority got a press pass to visit the Weed Science Society of America’s conference in Portland Oregon. Astrodimer Lena Munday asked members of the society “What is a weed?”

After two years of sitting on the editing room shelves, sam smiley is editing these series of interviews. Combining audio interviews, images from the conference program, and images from a book about plants written in the 1500’s, this promises to be a meditation on the nature of weeds and weediness.

So what is a weed? STS theorist Susan Leigh Starr might call it  “boundary object”, something that has different meanings to different groups of people.

I’m stumbling across all kinds of great sources, including an online library of public domain botanical books.

I’m also looking at Asa Gray’s article “The Pertinacity and predominance of weeds” written in 1879

and Gerard’s original text and images from his plant book written in 1633 titled The Herball, or, Generall Historie of Plantes

AstroDime at Helltown

On August 8, 2011, AstroDime screened our latest draft of INtransit V.7: Ecology y Callejero at Helltown Workshop in Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA. It was very exciting, we got some great feedback, and now it just needs to be tightened up and subtitled in Spanish. We will do one more preview screening at Brickbottom and then go to print. We are always looking for donations for the cost of printing, you can donate from this website or email sam smiley at rocketscience(at)

work by Joey Mars in the background

Ecology y callejero screenings this summer

Just a quick update..AstroDime Transit Authority has been lucky enough to preview two screenings of our fall release, INtransit V.7: Ecology y callejero

119 gallery screening

The first one was at 119 gallery in conjunction with its show titled “Ecology”. We showed work by Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza, and a collaboration that animator Karen Aqua and musician Ken Fields made with the Sidney Gutierrez Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico. This also featured an interview with biologist David Morimoto on urban ecologies.

Ecology show opening

The second screening will be at the Helltown Workshop in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and in addition to including the above works, it will include an edit of “La Jam del Sur”, a graffiti party in Buenos Aires, and a video on the incoming tides in Hatches’ Harbor in Provincetown. It will be on Tuesday August 9 at 8:00 PM, in conjunction with the work of Joey Mars.

Here’s a link for more info!

Ecology y Callejero preview

hi folks..

AstroDime is proud to say that we will be presenting a 20 minute preview of Intransit V.7: Ecology y Callejero.

Check at the 119 Gallery web site for more info!

Here’s our preview of the preview. Come take a look!

La Jam del Sur

AstroDime correspondant sam smiley just came back from a trip to Buenos Aires..and in the process was lucky to be invited to a grafiti party and jam in an area neighborhood. All and all, she shot an hour of video. The final version will be on vimeo, and will also be included in INtransit V.7: Ecology/Ecología, as part of “ecología de callejero” or street ecologies.
Here’s an interview with Ariel (Scratch) one of the organizers. He is a DJ, and his cousin, Nelson (Next Graf) is a grafiti artist. Included are photos of the final works.

Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

There’s a lot to report from this spring, but one thing that happened is that AstroDime had a chance to interview biologist Oscar Aranda, in Puerto Vallarta for the upcoming journal INtransit V.7: Ecology/Ecología. This journal will also be bilingual English/Spanish and should be completed by the end of this summer.

Oscar Aranda is the founding member of the Sociedad Ecología de Occidente. He is a biologist, and his work currently revolves around saving sea turtle eggs from the busy tourist beach of Puerto Vallarta.  His partner Mar Zuloaga Lopéz is the marketing director. The following is a video taking in the spring of 2011. For more info, or to donate or ask questions, go to

Looking for Kudzu

As AstroDime searches for our new themes within the subtheme of “Ecology/Ecología”, we’ve come up with some good leads so far. If you are reading this and know of anyone who has work that works into these themes, please let sam know at rocketscience(at) by January 15, 2011.

Here are our themes..

Kudzu (science, social, cultural)

-street art/ecologia de callejera

-gulf of mexico (oil spill)

-indigenous perspectives on ecology in the americas.

I’m sure there will be other themes as they develop.

-sam smiley

INtransit intro and new Vimeo site

Here’s our intro to our latest journal: INtransit V.6: “scientific american”/La America Científica

Opening Sci Am Ciencia from AstroDime Transit on Vimeo.


Well, INtransit V.6: “scientific american”/La America Cientifica is on its way to being pressed! Here is a sample of the front/back cover. -sam smiley