Well, INtransit V.6: “scientific american”/La America Cientifica is on its way to being pressed! Here is a sample of the front/back cover. -sam smiley

Research trip to Bogotá

AstroDimers sam smiley and Gina Kamentsky just got back from Bogotá Colombia, where we were doing research and video interviews about science and technology in Colombia. We learned even more than we thought possible.

We went to the Museo de Caldas and learned that one of the first scientific journals on the continent  was published in the early 1800’s in Bogotá (which was then called Nueva Granada) The periodical was called “El Semanario de la Nueva Granada”.

We visited a hospital and sanatorium museum in Bogotá, we toured the Observatorio Astronomico (built in 1804) in Bogota, we went to an ancient Muisca Observatory (note: it was called by the Spanish, El Infiernito, whether because of the heat, or the large phallus shaped rocks, I dont’ know)  We interviewed biologist Brigitte Luis Guillermo Baptist at the Humbolt Institute for Biodiversity, and we saw the beautiful metallurgical craftings of the Muisca at the Museo del Oro. Oh and a lot more happened.

But to be honest, pictures say it better than words so here are a few images from our trip.

View from the room of Casa Platypus, Bogota

View of Bogota from Montserrate

sam in the streets of Bogotá

Hospital Sanatorio San Carlos

Research Room in the Hospital Sanatorio

The Museo de Caldas in Bogotá Colombia

Diego and Martha at the Museo de Caldas

Observatorio Astronomico in Bogota

Brigitte Luis Guillermo Baptist from the Humbolt Institute

out the bus window on the way to Villa Leiva

Gina in the center of Villa Leiva

On the way to the Muisca Observatory

Muisca Observatory in Villa Leiva

Yes that is what you think it is. For fertility rituals of the Muisca.

Our hostel in Villa Leiva

Villa Leiva sunset. super amazing.

Lulo fruit (not to be confused with President Lula of Brazil)

Street art in Bogota

More really intense street art from Bogota

Graphics for Lorenzo's show in Macarena, Bogota

Gina in La Candelaria, Bogota