Astrodime at Maker Faire Rhode Island

Astrodime at Maker Faire Rhode Island

Sept 30 2009 by Amanda

This is a recap of Astrodime’s experience at the Maker Faire festival in Providence, RI. The website for the festival is at

On Saturday, September 19 the Astrodime Transit Authority demonstrated our tin can telecommunications system at the Maker Faire Rhode Island festival. The technicians of Astrodime, including sam, Julia, Lisa, and Amanda worked directly with adults and young children in using the AstroCan communications systems. Many adults were eager to prove to their children that the tin can system worked just as well as their iPHONES.

Set in the heart of the Financial District in Providence, Astrodime’s exhibition consisted of 2 videos displaying the most current INtransit journal “Can You Hear Me Now?” and “Secret Decoder”. Also on display were the hand-crafted iCANs, tin can phones, and wire tapping devices. Between 2pm and 10pm locals and out of towners experimented with our iCAN, tin can party line, and tin can phone wiretapping. Throughout the day, over 200 people tested the tin can communication device, and sam experimented with our wiretapping capabilities.

Maker Faire is the foremost event for grassroots American innovation. Being the first Maker Faire festival in Providence, this event attracted over 50 makers, inventors, and artists to showcase their most recent inventions. One of the highlights of the day was the disco bicycle party, designed by the custom frame bike-makers Circle A Cycles; another rare gadgeteer was Tellart, and they installed an interactive mixed reality pong game that people could play by wearing helmuts with IR LED’s attached. As Maker Faire continued into the late evening, the Providence River was set on fire as the themed “Celebration of Life” Waterfire festival took place!

Screeings for 'Secret Decoder Ring'

Greetings everyone, We are excited to announce upcoming 'Secret Decoder Ring' screenings.

We hope you can attend.

Preview rough draft: (at Lesley University, in-house only)
7pm wednesday April 16 in Wolfard 201 at the main campus of Lesley University.

Located on Mellen Street just off Oxford in Cambridge.

Premiere of Final: Saturday May 3 at 8pm at the 119 Gallery (

Finally, Secret Decoder Ring is going to be featured at this year's Electronic Literature Organization conference in Vancouver, Washington(near Portland Oregon).

We are very excited about this!!!!

The conference is in June of 2008.

Fast Women Screening October 13th

119 Gallery October 13, 2007, 8pm

fw_04.jpg ATA presents– FAST WOMEN

Fast Women: A curated video and animation show featuring creative musings
related to women and speed: acceleration on the ground and through
technology. This thirty-five minute program presents works by eleven women
who address speed in different manners: Bebe Beard, Tanya Bezrah, Eve
Gordon, Ellen Lake, Anne Marie Lansley, Kama Lord, Gina Kamentsky, Natalie
McKeever, Doris Schmidt, Sam Smiley. Image: Gina Kamentsky

Fast Women is volume 2 of INtransit, a bi-annual video art journal that is
a topical compilation of art, animation, documentary, and interviews.
Produced by the Astrodime Transit Authority,

119 Gallery
119 Chelmsford St. Lowell, MA 01851