STS mini conference at Harvard

On Friday, April 8, I was at a conference at Harvard University called

STS: the next 20: conversations within and beyond the field
There were many issues raised but it seems that on this day of the conference, the conversation was what STS should theoretically embrace in the future. Saturday, April 10, this conference focussed on jobs and what can people do with an STS degree. Sadly I wasn’t there for that.
Right at the start of Friday, there was an interesting speaker who addressed postcolonial science studies, Kaushik Sunder Ramon. He described that technologies have colonial histories and talked about the concept of epistemic coproduction. (rather than just the”giving” of colonial knowledge)
Fellow panelist Javier Lezaun talked about translations, saying “there is no translation without a degree of betrayal” which I found intriguing.

In the second session Sherine Hamdy spoke about religion and science specifically Muslim and Egyption responses to the concept of donating organs.
Nelly Oudshoorn brought up the importance of having students from multiple disciplines who may not write articles but will take ideas into the fields they work.
I feel strongly
this is really only a snippet of the scope of the conference but I imagine that the work on postcolonial STS will continue to influence us at Astrodime.

ELO conference shakedown

here are some hi lights and lo lights from the
Electronic Literature conference in Vancouver Washington no means
comprehesive since i couldn't stay for the whole conference
nor did i see everything when i was there!
-sam smiley

Highlights - some really interesting people working
on some great
new media projects and theory

Lo-lights: Academic theory blow hards looking to be top dog in the new
media theory biz

Is "transliteracy" a new concept or just another buzzword? 
You be the judge..go to
to form your opinion.

More in the theory vein..i find this interesting,
but you can check it out
for yourselves:

neat web sites i found out about:
Interactive Fiction Game (you have to download it)
Hors Categorie by Chris Calabro

Wonderful archive of a Beat writer in the Pacific Northwest
done by John F. Barber

Interesting Brazilian artist..a bunch of great web projects

Electronic Work by Jamie Allen

Really funny performance art work by David Kasdorf

More good performance work/video work

"Generative Visual Renku Project"

resource list of new media and electronic literature
by Deena Larsen

Online Journal called Vectors
Vectors maps the multiple contours of daily life
in an unevenly digital era, crystallizing around themes
that highlight the social, political, and
cultural stakes of our
increasingly technologically-mediated existence.